Changing Tastes, New Cuisines

We bring the whole cultural experience.

Driving Fresh Direct’s rapid expansion are two seemingly opposite desires. The first is many Canadians’ appetite for new and exotic foods. Particularly in western Canada, where eating less meat is increasingly seen as central to a conscientious and healthy lifestyle, there’s a growing desire to create meals with new flavours and nutritious plant-based foods.

At the same time, immigrants coming here from all over the world are looking for a taste of home as they accustom themselves to the traditional Canadian diet. And so, what is an exotic new fruit for one Canadian may be another’s seasonal favourite.

Fresh Direct has positioned itself to supply both these growing demands, and to help our retail partners do the same. In the words of Jozef Hubburmin, FDP’s Chief Financial Officer, “The way we sell ethnic, tropical and specialty items is what sets us apart from our competitors. We don’t just deliver product; we also provide the understanding and background to help our retailers sell the proteins, sauces, and packaged goods that go along with those items. We bring the whole cultural experience.”