Global Sourcing

We forage the world for the best fruits and vegetables.

At Fresh Direct Produce, we forage the world for the best fruits and vegetables. We select and import over 1,000 SKUs of fresh produce items from all over the planet—up from 600 SKUs just five years ago.

Sourcing product from around the globe offers more than greater selection for our customers; it means that we can also expand the window of availability for those products. Take persimmons, for example. Not long ago, California persimmons were only available in October and November. But Fresh Direct’s global sourcing from China, Korea, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Chile and New Zealand means that now persimmons can be had almost year round.

A Chinese mandarin, typically associated with the Christmas season, used to be… well, just a Chinese mandarin. But today there are many different varieties: big and small, seeded and seedless, packed in boxes or mesh bags. And mandarin season has been extended by bringing in dozens of different varieties from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, Israel, Pakistan, Peru, and California.