Our Commitment

We believe that companies, and the communities that they create, need time and the right conditions to grow and flourish.

About Fresh Direct Produce

When we first sowed the seed for what was to become Fresh Direct Produce, our intention was to introduce an unparalleled service providing cost-effective selection of the best produce the world has to offer. We wanted to provide the fruits and vegetables that will go on the table in homes and restaurants, to nourish the body and soul. Our vision is to be a healthy difference in people's lives through food that is the basis for celebration and bonding, and a connection to each other's communities and heritage. Over the last 18 years we have tended to this vision, and it is our commitment to the future.

When we started, we were 11 people and two trucks serving our local community. Today we have grown to over 220 people and a fleet of 26 trucks that operate out of three distribution centers (two in Vancouver, one in Calgary). In order to deliver the best quality freshness to our customers, timing and conditions are critical. Our operations are supported by advanced data sensors and logistics systems to get things to where they need to go quickly; as well as large climate-controlled ripening rooms, for when things just need a little more time. Along every step of the way, our knowledgeable team works hard to ensure that the food on your table is deliciously fresh and nutritious. Beginning with our global buyers, to the logistics planners, warehouse workers, inspectors and managers, and ending with the driver that delivers pallets of fresh produce to the loading bays of large chain stores or the backdoor of a neighbourhood grocer; everyone plays a vital part. On the inside, it is a complex operation, from the outside it's just Simply Fresh®.

Just like the foods we sell, our growth and success comes from strong, well-tended roots.

Our produce comes from local and domestic farms, as well as international suppliers from thirty two different countries. This established partnership network allows us to provide the tastes of the world at a fair and affordable price that benefits everyone along the way. Being an innovative, independent business, we thrive on providing everything from reliable kitchen staples, to introducing new exotic products and nutritious organics. As a part of our mission, we help our clients by developing fresh marketing ideas and packaging concepts that benefit consumers and the environment. All of these relationships are important, and we provide the same commitment and service to our suppliers and clients, from rural farmers and large growers; to family owned neighbourhood stores and national chains.

Farming and exchanging goods is as old as civilization, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this tradition in the twenty first century, servicing a rapidly evolving retail landscape with wide availability due to extensive global sourcing, and satisfying the sophisticated multicultural tastes of the modern consumer. Come grow with us!