We forage the world for the best fruits and vegetables.

We all know that filling half your plate with fresh fruits and veggies will likely improve your health. Some experts are recommending as many as 10 servings a day. Even if not everyone can meet such an ambitious target, the message is clear: a varied and plant-based diet is better for our bodies and our planet.

“But suppose you were able to achieve that 10 servings a day. Did we mention that Fresh Direct Produce now distributes over 1,000 different SKUs of fruits and vegetables sourced from over 35 countries on six continents? That’s a very healthy variety to choose from—so healthy that you could probably go a month before eating the same fruit or vegetable twice, even at 10 servings a day.”

Mother Nature grows produce in all different shapes, grades, and sizes, and growers are tasked with selling the whole crop no matter what Mother Nature gives them. Our teams are trained to select the best while meeting our customers’ own specifications for quality, grade and size.

There are few fruits we can’t acquire for our retailers. At Fresh Direct Produce, we see increasing the awareness of the fast-growing list of ethnic and exotic fruits as just another part of the superior service that we provide for our customers.